With more than 150 wineries, Western Australia is one of the most qualitative wine producing regions of the country. Though it does not account for more than 5 percent of the production, the wine produced in Western Australia is of the topmost quality. The wineries are located at different at different physical locations such as Coastal, Great Southern, Margaret River, Pemberton, Perth Hills and Swan Valley. Amongst these, the Swan Valley is the one of the largest sources of Western Australia’s wine production. A 30 minute drive from Perth, Swan Valley is a picturesque place with wildlife parks and scenic beauty. Swan valley has some of the best wineries in Western Australia and is best known for its fortified wineries. But due to the presence of tropical climate in Swan Valley, many wine producers have deserted the region over the years and as a result production is rapidly falling. Yet it remains one of the most authentic wine producing regions of Western Australia and people often plan trips to Swan Valley to enjoy a weekend! Find out indoor trampoline park chandler.

Winemaking in southern regions of Western Australia started in the late 1960s. The climate there is more suitable for wine production. The area does not have more than seven percent of Australia’s vineyards and the percentage of grapes crushed is a mere three percent. Nonetheless the winemaking regions of South Western Australia enjoy immense popularity because of the quality of wine they are known to produce. The Margaret River region is a renowned wine growing region and was founded not more than thirty years ago. Today dozens of wineries are spread beside each other and is immensely popular amongst visitors. Margaret River region is a tourist hotbed with popular wine tasting cuisines, first class restaurants and stroll gardens. Margaret River along with being a wine tasting heaven for tourists, is also a famous surfing spot and has exotic beaches, visit site.

The wineries of the coastal region are not grouped as such and one needs to drive extensively in order to locate them properly. The Wineries are filled with scenic beauty and exotic locales and it is a pleasure for eyes to take a look at them. The Great Southern Region is Australia’s largest wine region with more than 200 kilometers in width and 100 kilometers in length. The vineyards situated are spread throughout the area and have significant differences in the way they are. Also the climate of this region plays a very important role in this region as this is one of the coolest regions of Australia and the vineyards here are dependent on the cool climate to produce some of the best wines. The region has produced some award winning wines and is very well known amongst vintage wine collectors and tasters, click here for more information.

This region of Australia is very well known for its wine production techniques and the quality of wine it upholds even if certain problems tend to hamper the production at times. This region is the reason why Australian wine has become a global name today.