Motorcycle Beadbreaker

Motorcycle Beadbreaker


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Developed and used in Australia, specifically for motorcycle touring, the Motorcycle Beadbreaker can break difficult beads in the field or shop. Utilizing a “through the spoke” design, meaning the beadbreaker never touches your sidewall when in use. The angled jaws drop down onto the bead and breaks both sides at the same time. It will work on anything from sport bikes to BMW’s to dirtbikes. Very popular with Goldwings and V-twins. The tool can handle rims up to 6.5″ wide. If using on narrow rims, excess all-thread can be cut off to shorten the overall length of the unit for more convenient onboard packing.

– Weighs in at 1.7lbs and has an overall length of 13″. Unit will not work on solid rims with no spoke or cast openings.

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