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Could you survive a backcountry vehicle problem? “Live Long to Wander – Basic Survival for Vehicle-Supported Adventures” is for anyone who ventures into the wilderness – off-roaders, overlanders, hikers, mountain bikers, kayakers, all outdoor enthusiasts. This book can help you comfortably survive a minor or major mishap, breakdown, or accident in the remote backcountry when driving your full-size 4WD vehicle, ATV (Quad), UTV (Side-by-Side), Dual Sport Motorcycle, or Snowmobile. Vehicle complications can occur at anytime, so being prepared is very important. With the knowledge presented in this book, you can remain comfortable for several hours, a couple of days, or even a week or two in the backcountry should a recreational adventure or work-related incident go bad. Topics include: 1) The Will to Live, 2) Survival Kit, 3) Survival Shelter Building, 4) Survival Fire Building, 5) Disinfecting Water in the Field, 6) Signaling for Help. Even when a trip into the wilderness goes as planned, the knowledge offered within the pages of this book can be helpful on every outing. At the very least, being prepared will help you relax.

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