Deluxe Tire Iron 23″ Long

Deluxe Tire Iron 23″ Long


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After breaking the bead with the awesome Tyrepliers tool, use a pair of irons to remove or remount your tire. The Standard Tire Iron has the traditional spoon on one end. If you’ve done tire removal before, then a pair of standard irons is all you need. If working with difficult beads or limited experience, then the Deluxe Tire Iron can be helpful. One side has the traditional spoon end and a “S” curve remounting head on the other. When remounting a tire, the “S” head hooksto the last part of the bead over the rim. We recommend one Standard Tire Iron and one Deluxe Tire Iron, but the final choice is up to you!

Each tire iron is made of spring steel with forged ends. The irons are purposely made out of round stock so the tire iron can be rotated when in use. The round stock is also much stronger than flat irons that are prone to bending.

Overall length is 23″. Can be used on car, truck, trailer and equipment tires. Each iron has a lifetime guarantee!

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